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Second Meeting of the Simstat Essnet2

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25-26 February 2015
Istat, Aula Magna
Via Cesare Balbo, 14 – Rome

Event is invitation only

The Italian National Institute of Statistics is pleased to host the “Second Meeting of the Simstat Essnet2 “, which will be held at ISTAT “Aula Magna”, via Cesare Balbo 14, Rome, on 25 and 26 February 2015.

As part of the modernization process of the European Statistical System , the ESS.VIP Simstat (SIngle Market STATistics ) project consists in an infrastructural, methodological and legal framework aimed at sharing microdata on intra-EU dispatches between Member States.

During the workshop , conceptual and organizational issues related to the forthcoming “production test”, involving 20 Member States ,will be discussed. In particular, suitable process and product quality indicators to assess the re-usability of exchanged microdata in the compilation of statistics on intra-EU acquisitions, will be proposed.

The project aims to significantly reduce the reporting burden on businesses.


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Event Date: 25 February 2015