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Holidays in private houses in Italy

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In 2013 private tourist accommodation was chosen in 52.6% of all domestic trips (65% of all nights spent) and 56% of all domestic holidays (66% of all nights).

Two thirds of domestic holidays (66%) were spent in accommodation provided without charge by relatives and friends in their own houses (53% of all nights), followed by own holiday homes (18.6% of trips and 28.5% of nights) and rental accommodations (bed & breakfast included) (10.7% of trips and 16.4% of nights).

Between 2008 and 2013, holidays in private houses decreased by 54.4% (-41.7% for overnight stays) whereas those in collective tourist accommodation establishments, which were more frequent for outbound trips, reduced by 37% (both trips and nights).

In the case of private houses, the sharp decline is concentrated on short holidays (over 60% less, in terms of overnight stays); therefore, in 2013, holidays in private houses were longer than in the past (54% of cases were long holidays).

The average length of holidays in private houses increased – from about 6 to 7.8 nights – especially when tourists were guests of relatives and friends (from 4.7 to 6.2) and in own holiday houses (8 to 11.9); the average duration of holidays in rented accommodations was stable (9.5 nights).

In 2013, 15.6% of residents made at least one holiday in Italy (they were 24.4% in 2008); among them, more than a half (8.6%) stayed in private houses (they were 14.6% in 2008); the decrease is mainly due to tourists in owned holiday homes (from 3.2% to 1.5%).

7% of residents in the Centre-North area made a holiday at houses of relatives and friends (compared to 4% of the Southand Islands area) and 2% stayed in their own holiday homes or rented accommodation (only 0.8% in the South area).

Over 40% of holidays spent in rented accommodation was in the North-East area (50.3% of all nights), about two thirds of holidays in second homes was in the North-West area (21.3% of all nights), whereas 41.4% of holidays spent at relatives’ and friends’ houses was in the North area (27.8% of all nights).

The longest overnight stays at houses of relatives and friends were registered in the South area: 10.3 nights versus 4.2 in the North and just 3.8 in the Center.

In the summer the share of residents who spent a holiday as guests of relatives or friends was close to 10%, down at 4.5% for those who chose a rented accommodation and 3.3% for those who stayed in their second homes.

Between July and September, the average duration of holidays in private houses was a little shorter than two weeks (12.7 nights) and it was a little bit longer than three weeks (23 nights) in the case of long holidays in second homes.

Recreation and relax were the main reasons for over 80% of holidays in rental accommodation and in own holiday homes, while 77.7% of holidays spent at relatives’ and friends’ homes was made just to visit them.

Car was the main means of transport (78.3%), followed by train (10.1%), air (7.1%) and ship (3.5%)

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Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 04 February 2015



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