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Minors in juvenile justice institutions

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Istat and the Department for juvenile justice of the Ministry of justice release the 2013 data on minors in charge to the youth social services, the juvenile classification homes, the residential communities, the juvenile detention centers.

In 2013, minors handled by offices of youth social service were 20,213. In the same year there were 2,020 admissions in the juvenile classification homes, 1,894 in the residential communities, 1,201 in the juvenile detention centers.

Minors in charge to the offices of youth social services increased from 2010 and 2011 (+9.8%). In 2013, the growth was 10.1% compared to 2010 and +13.4% compared to 2008. The increase is also due to the longer length of the care.

In 2013, 3,456 juveniles were placed by the judge under supervision status according to a programme laid out by the Juvenile justice services. An increase by 85% was registered with reference to 2003.

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Reference period: Yaer 2013

Date of Issue: 13 January 2015