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Induced abortion

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In 2012, a total of 103,191 induced abortions were performed in Italy, 6,850 fewer than in 2011.

Italy is one of the EU countries with the lowest level of induced abortion. In 2012 the rate of induced abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-49 was 7.6 (7.8 per one thousand in 2011).

The highest rate of induced abortion was recorded in the age group 25-29 (12.8 per one thousand). In all age groups there has been a decline in abortion rates, but at a lesser extent in the young age classes.

Induced abortion rate was higher for unmarried women (8.1 per one thousand) than for married ones (6.5 per one thousand).

Foreign women had higher levels of abortion compared to Italian women and they were on average two years younger: the former had a median age of voluntary abortion of approximately 29 years, while the latter 31 years.

Among the largest groups of foreign residents in Italy, the highest induced abortion rate was reported for Chinese women (30.0 cases per 1,000 Chinese women aged 15-49 years), followed by women from Romania (22.7), Albania (16.6) and Morocco (16.2).

The percentage of repeated induced abortions was 26.6% of the total abortions. In particular the second order abortions (i.e. preceded by a single abortion) were 18.7%, the third-order were 5.3% and the remaining (higher order) were 2.6%.

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Reference period: Year 2012

Date of Issue: 12 December 2014