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Urban environment: ecofriendly management and smartness

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In terms of innovative ecofriendly urban planning tools, on 31 December 2013 81 of 116 provincial capitals have joined the Covenant of Mayors (committing to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020) and 50 have already approved the Action plan for sustainable energy (Piano di azione per l’energia sostenibile).

In favor of environmentally sustainable management of waste, in 2013 the curbside collection was active in 101 capitals, while bulky waste collection on demand in 111 (in 79 extended to other types of waste). 105 municipalities had eco-island (areas where certain types of waste can be delivered) and 38 mobile stations for the direct contribution from citizens, 97 implemented interventions for abandoned waste collection.

Inefficiencies persist in drinking water supply: in 2012 water losses in municipal networks amounted to 34%.

The mobility sector is among the most dynamic in the application of innovative technologies by municipalities. In 2013, Genoa and Bologna had the most complete offer of infomobility services; almost half of the municipalities had variable message signs on the roads (56), offered public transport information on the web (52), electronic poles at stops (50). More than a third of the city used “intelligent traffic lights” and a little less allowed the re-charging of electric vehicles in public areas.

“Smart” investments to improve efficiency of public lighting are widespread: in 2013 14.6% of the points in street lighting systems had a light dimming; 4.8% used Led lamps and a small growing proportion was photovoltaic (0.7 ‰; + 44.6% in one year).

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Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 09 December 2014