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Estimation of active enterprises

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In 2013 the estimated number of active enterprises with employees was 1,583,375 units; these units accounted for little more than 13 million people with an average size of 8.4 employees overall. In terms of coverage compared to the Register of active enterprises (ASIA), it is a third of all businesses and 80% of the total workforce.

Compared to 2012 there was a 3.7% decline in the number of enterprises with employees. The decrease in Construction (-7.6%), Manufacturing and in Wholesale and retail Trade, Transportation and Accommodation and Food service activities (both -3.7%) was more relevant, while in Other Services it recorded a drop of 1.5%.

The reduction both in terms of persons employed (-2.3%) and in terms of employees was less pronounced
(-2.4%). This decrease is explained mainly by the Construction sector in which it is estimated a loss of employment by 9.3% in terms of employees and 8.7% in terms of persons employed. Although very low, a rise was registered in employment in the sector of Other Services (+0.6% in terms of employees and +0.5% in terms of persons employed).

In 2013 the number of active enterprises with employees decreased in all geographic areas. In the South and Islands area it recorded the greatest reduction both in terms of companies (-4.0%) and in terms of persons employed (-3.6%). North-West and North-East were the areas with smaller decreases especially in terms of employment, respectively -2.0% and -2.1%.

The reduction in the number of enterprises is explained almost entirely by the Sole proprietorship and Limited liability company, with a decrease by 5.5% and 5.2%.

With reference to the size class, the greatest reduction was recorded for the class 1-9 employees (-3.7%). It should be noticed the increase in medium and large enterprises in the Other Services sector, which registered an increase of enterprises in the size class 100-249 of 4.1%.

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Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 02 December 2014



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