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Political participation in Italy

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In 2013, about 5 million 700 thousand people (10.8% of the population aged 14 and over) expressed their political commitment participating in mass-meetings (6.7% of the population aged 14 and over, on the rise compared to 2012), participating in marches (4.5%), financially supporting a party (2.6%) or doing unpaid activities for a party (1.1%).

A much larger share of the Italian population participated in the political life of the country in an invisible manner, talking about politics, taking information or listening to political debates. They were more than 42 million people (80.2% of the population aged 14 and over).

In particular, 48.9% of people aged 14 and over (39.4% in 2009) discussed about politics at least once a week, 15.4% every day; while 21.9% talked about politics sometimes each month or less frequently. 64.3% of people aged 14 and over informed themselves about the issues of Italian politics at least once a week (60.7% in 2009), 37.7% every day and 12.7% more rarely. Listening to political debates was less common, it actually concerned 26.9% of the population aged 14 and over (23.6% in 2009).

Despite the decline, television still remained the most popular way of accessing news: it was used by 91.8% of those who informed themselves about politics (93.5% in 2009). It was followed by newspapers (in sharp decline, passing from 49.9% to 42.3%), radio (32.9%), weekly magazines (from 11,3% to 10.5%) and other magazines (3.6%). 30.3% of people took information by hearing and debating with friends (24.9% in 2009), relatives (from 18.8 to 24.5%), colleagues (15.4%) and acquaintances (from 10.4% to 14.1%); while only 2.3% of people informed themselves by using political organizations or trade unions.

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Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 29 October 2014