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Summary of the Esa2010 revision of National Accounts

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In conjunction with the introduction of the new European system of national and regional accounts (Esa2010) Manual, Italy as other Eu Member States proceeded to develop a comprehensive revision of the estimate of national accounts. The transition to a new version of accounting rules is also the most suitable time to introduce new methods of measurement and new data sources that have become available in recent years. This results in a significant change to the calculation of the main national account aggregates, most notably gross domestic product (Gdp).

Herein is the first presentation of the results of the new estimate of national accounts for 2011. These changes, whether of a methodological nature or arising from new basic information, have given rise to a new estimate for 2011, defined as benchmark estimate; this year was chosen since it represents the most recent period with the richest set of up to date information available. Therefore, the values of all items detailed in the accounts have been redefined for 2011.

Reference period: Year 2011

Date of Issue: 09 September 2014



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