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Trips and holidays in Italy and abroad

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Istat presents the main aggregates of tourism demand in Italy, based on the multipurpose survey ‘Trips and holidays’ which has been conducted on a quarterly basis since 1997.

The survey collects information on trips of at least one overnight stay made by the resident population living in households.

The aim of the survey is to analyze the number of trips and their main characteristics (destination, type of accommodation, means of transport, duration) as well as the socio-demographic characteristics of tourists. The survey, thus, provides a complete picture of the national tourism demand, quantifying the number of trips (and nights) both to Italy and abroad made for business and personal purposes.

In accordance with international standards, “trips” are categorized by distinguishing “business trips” from “holiday trips” and “short” trips from “long” ones.

The “holiday trips” category includes trips for amusement, pleasure, rest and relaxation, visits to family or friends and trips for health-related treatments or religious purposes.

In addition to the trips themselves, the analysis considers individual travellers and the number of nights spent travelling.

The tables are accompanied by a methodological description to enable correct interpretation of data.

Reference period: Year 2008

Date of Issue: 29 March 2010



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