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Urban environment quality

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In 2013, motorisation rates have been declining for the second year in a row. In the provincial capitals as a whole there were 613.2 motor cars and 132.7 motorcycles every thousand inhabitants (-0.9 and -0.6% respectively, compared to 2012) – while the demand for local public transport has undergone a much stronger shrinking, dropping to 188.6 yearly passengers per capita (-4.3% in absolute values).

The share of less polluting vehicles kept growing: in 2013, 53.0% of the motor cars circulating in the provincial capitals (but 42.0% in Southern Italy) complied with the euro 4 or higher standard, and 37.8% of the motorcycles complied with the euro 3.

Initiatives to foster sustainable mobility were on the rise: car sharing services were available in 23 cities (most in Northern Italy), while bike sharing services were provided in 66 cities (more evenly distributed all over the country), and in 36 cities there were more than 34 km of cycle lanes. Info-mobility systems (IT systems for the enhancement of urban mobility) were operating in 68 cities, mainly located in the Centre-North.

Compared to 2012, air quality improved with regard to the fine particulate matter. During 2013, the limit set for PM10 to the protection of human health has been exceeded for more than 35 days in 44 cities (they were 52 in 2012). This number decreased mostly in the North (from 37 to 32 cities) and in the Centre (from 9 to 6), whereas in the South a noticeable worsening was observed in Campania (from 2 to 4 provincial capitals).

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Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 22 July 2014



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