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Bes 2014 Report: equitable and sustainable wellbeing in Italy

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The second edition of the “Report on Equitable and Sustainable Wellbeing” (BES 2014), born of a joint initiative of The Italian National Council for Economics and Labour (CNEL) and the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) aims to be a useful guide for policy makers, social partners and the research community to identify priorities to be addressed both in the short and long-term in order to ensure a fair and sustainable wellbeing for present and future generations.

It analyses the fundamental dimensions of wellbeing and progress in Italy and its territories, providing an overall view of the main social, economic and environmental phenomena which characterise our country.

Nota stampa Note for the press
The BES 2014 report is based on the analysis of the 12 dimensions of wellbeing in Italy, using 134 indicators
BES Information on measuring well-being
All the publications and other information on the measure of equitable and sustainable well-being in Italy

Date of Issue: 11 July 2014