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National demographic balance

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On December 31, 2013 in Italy resided 60,782,668 inhabitants, of which more than 4,900,000 have foreign citizenship (8.1%).

The calculation of the resident population has rebooted from the 2011 census, adding to the population censused on 9 October 2011 the enrolments and the cancellations recorded, in the population registers of the 8,092 Italian municipalities, from 9 October to 31 December 2011, plus the ones recorded during years 2012 and 2013.

During 2013 the real increase of the residing population, due to natural and migration balance, was very low (+30,068 units, +0.1%).

After the population census the municipalities have completed the operations of revision of the population registers which, during the year 2013, have resulted in a balance due to adjustments equal to +1,067,373 units (of which 370,194 strangers), corresponding to over 97.3% of the total population increase in 2013 and to 69.3% of the foreign population. The total resident population increased by 1,097,441 units (+1.8%).

The natural population increase was negative and calculated in around -86,000 units. The decrease in live births compared to the previous year totalled around 20,000 units and the decrease of death is around 12,000 units. The foreign-born in 2013 represent 15% of total births from parents residing in Italy. Compared to the previous year, for the first time, the births of foreign children decrease (-2,189).

During 2013, international migration counts a positive balance of around 182,000 units, decreasing compared to previous years. Italian migration to abroad increases, foreigner migration to Italy decreases.

Internal and international migration decrease compared to 2012 and are mostly directed to Northern and Center regions.

At the web address http://demo.istat.it data are available at a municipal level.

Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 16 June 2014



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