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Web-COSI EU FP7 Project: Web-Communities for Statistics for Social Innovation

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Kick off Meeting
9 January 2014
Istat, Aula Magna
Via Cesare Balbo, 14 – Rome

Event by invitation only

On 9 January 2014 Istat will host in Rome the Web-COSI EU FP7 Project – Web-Communities for Statistics for Social Innovation.

The event officially launches the activities of the two-year co-ordination action Web-COSI project (1/2014-12/2015), funded by the European Commission – DG CONNECT within the 7th Framework Programme, coordinated by Istat with the partnership of OECD and two non-governmental organisations (Lunaria-IT and i-genius-UK). Web-COSI is designed with the general objective to foster the engagement of citizens and society at large in the area of new measures of societal progress and well-being using the opportunities given by Web2.0 and with the specific objective to implement tools for collecting, producing and visualizing information and data towards a better integration of official and non-official statistics.

Web-COSI will develop a Wiki of progress statistics involving communities to access data, fostering the use of locally generated grassroots data (bottom-up).

The kick-off meeting intends to provide an overview of the main activities of the project in the light of the “GDP and beyond” statistics debate focusing on the setting and the challenges for a better integration of official and non-official data.


Event Date: 09 January 2014