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Citizens and the ICTs

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In 2013, the percentage of households owning a personal computer (62.8%) and access to the Internet at home (60.7%) increases as compared to 2012.

Households with children under 18 are the most ICTs-oriented: 87.8% own a PC, and 85.7% have the Internet access at home. On the other hand, households composed only by individuals of 65 and over maintain a low level of technological goods: only 14.8% own a PC and 12.7% have the Internet access at home.

Strong inequalities at the territorial level persist in Italy in 2013. For example, in the Centre-north 65.4% of households own a Pc and 63.3% own the Internet access at home, while in the South- island of Italy the percentages are respectively 57.2% and 55%. The technological gap between Centre-north and South of Italy is confirmed by the percentage of households owning a enabled to Internet mobile phone: 47.6% in the Centre-north, 36.1% in the South- island.

In 2013, over half of the population aged 3 and over (54.3%) uses a Pc and over half of the population aged 6 and over surfs the web (54.8%). Children face the Pc experience earlier and earlier: the greatest increases of percentages have to be referred to little children aged 3-5 (from 17.4% in 2012 to 23.3% in 2013). There’s a significant increase of Internet use within adult people aged 35-44 (73.4% in 2013, 68.9% in 2012) and also between adults aged 60-64 (from 30.9% in 2012 to 36.4% in 2013)

Gender and generation gaps are persisting. The percentage of men using a Pc is 59.7%, women’s percentage is 49.3%. 60.2% of men surfs the Internet, whereas 49.7% of women does it. Young people aged 15-19 confirm themselves as the best users of personal computer and Internet: their percentages  respectively overtake the 88% and the 89%.

In general, Italian people carry easily out the computer basic operations: 83.8% of pc users is able to move a file or a folder. 96.2% of Italian Internet users knows how to use a search engine. Only the digital natives, young people aged 15-24 and grown up with the Internet and the social networks, have computer skills which are significantly higher than the national average.

Internet evolution permitted a considerable growth of the means for human information and communication. In 2013, the percentage of people who used the web for interacting with others through social networks and for consulting a wiki increased by 5 percentage points. The percentage of people who made web calls increased by 3 percentage points. Moreover, 20.9% of Internet users aged 6 and over used the web to express their own opinion about social and political issues, and 10% to participate in consultations or voting.

Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 19 December 2013



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