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Regional economic accounts

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In 2012, GDP per capita amounted to 31,094 euros in the North-west, 30,630 euros in the North-east and 27,941 euros in the Centre. In the South of Italy the same value was 42% lower than in the Centre-north and it amounted to 17,416 euros.

In the ranking of GDP per capita, the Province of Bolzano/Bozen showed the maximum value, with a GDP per capita of over 37,000 euro, while Campania was the last one with about 16,400 euros.

In 2012, in the presence of a decrease of 2.5% of GDP in volume at the national level, all areas of the country showed a strong negative result. The fall was particularly deep in the South (-2.9%) and less in the North-west (-2.3%). In the North-east and in the Centre the reduction was similar to the national level

Sicilia (-3.8%), Basilicata (-3.6%) and Valle d’Aosta (-3.5%) suffered a major reduction of the GDP.

In contrast, the fall in economic activities was less intensive in the Province of Bolzano/Bozen (-0.7%), in Toscana (-1.9%) and Campania (-2%).

In all geographical areas the contraction in GDP was associated to a marked decrease in the volume of households consumption. The decline was greater in the South (-4.7%) compared to -3.7% in the North-east and 3.9% in the Centre.

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Reference period: Years 2010-2012

Date of Issue: 27 November 2013



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