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Urban environmental services: waste, water, energy

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In 2012 urban waste collection in the provincial capitals decreased (-3.9% over the previous year), from 590,5 to 567,3 kg. per capita.Separate collection of waste by type shows an increasing trend: in 2012 it amounted to 34.9% of municipal waste (+1.4 percentage points over the previous year).

In 2012, 104 provincial capitals had a specific municipal regulation; 61 administrations applied at least a benefit to households that make composting (household use of organic waste as fertilizer); 107 municipalities carried out the withdrawal of bulky waste on demand; in 104 at least an eco-island (areas where to deliver certain types of waste) was present and working.In 99 provincial capitals a service of curbside collection was operating at least for part of the users and some types of waste.

The decline in consumption of water for domestic use has been going on for over a decade: from 206 liters/per capita/day in 2001 to 172 in 2012. Water losses in municipal networks were high (33.9%) and in 2012 14 municipalities imposed reductions or interruptions in water supply for domestic civil use.

Compared to the previous year, in the provincial capitals there was a reduction in domestic consumption of both electricity (1185.9 kWh per capita, amounting to -0.8%) and natural gas (386.5 m3 per capita, equal to -1,2%).

In 2012 34 municipalities had district heating systems, serving buildings and homes for a total volume of 10.8 m3 per inhabitant (average value): +3,5% compared to 2011.

The municipalities increased the production of energy from renewable sources: the installed capacity for photovoltaic plants reached 2.4 kW per 1,000 people (+22% over the previous year); the installed solar thermal panels on municipal buildings were approximately 1,3 m2 per 1,000 inhabitants (+3.8%).

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Statistics on services

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Reference period: Year 2012

Date of Issue: 26 November 2013