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Air transport in Italy

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The National Institute of Statistics releases statistics on air transport for the year 2012.

In 2012, total air traffic at the national airports recorded a negative trend: aircraft arrived and departed, over the previous year, decreased by 3.4%, passengers by 1.3% and cargo and mail carried by 4.9% (Table 1). For passengers, the decrease is due to national traffic (-5.2%), while international traffic increased by 1.6%. The passengers carried on scheduled flights decreased by 1.3%, with reduction of domestic flights (-5.3%) and increase of international ones (+1.9%). The reduction in the use of charter flights (-1.1%) is due to international traffic (-1.7%), while the domestic market increased by 10.8%.

After two years of growth 2010-2011, air traffic in 2012 marked a reduction: aircraft movements decreased by 3.4%, passengers by 1, 3% and freight and mail by 4.9 % (Table 2). Despite the decrease recorded, the number of passengers carried in 2012 is the second best result in the time series 2003-2012.

In 2012, air transport recorded a total traffic of freight and mail loaded and unloaded, on scheduled and charter flights, of about 847 thousand tons, with a 4.9% decrease over the previous year (table 3). The overall decrease of goods transported is mainly due to international flights (-5.5%) and less to domestic market (-0.2%).

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Reference period: Year 2012

Date of Issue: 19 November 2013



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