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Industrial producer prices

The industrial producer price index measures the evolution of output prices for goods manufactured in Italy and sold on the domestic and non-domestic markets. Since January 2013 indices are compiled in the calculation base December 2012 and disseminated in reference base 2010.

In June 2013 the total producer price index increased by 0.3% with respect to the previous month; the index of producer prices rose by 0.4 on domestic market and fell by 0.1 on non-domestic market. The percentage change of the average of the last three months compared to the previous three months was -0.4% (-0.3% on domestic market and -0.2% on non-domestic market).

The index decreased by 0.7% compared with June 2012 (-0.7% on domestic market and -0.6% on non-domestic market).

Period: June 2013

Date of Issue: 31 July 2013



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Since March 31, 2017 data on industrial producer prices have been published in the press release Industrial producer prices and Services producer prices