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The Annual Report 2013 - The state of the Nation

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Rome, 22 May 2013
11,00 a.m.
Montecitorio Palace
Sala della Regina

Exclusive invitation-only event

On 22 May 2013, in the Sala della Regina of Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, the Annual Report 2013 – The state of the Nation is presented at the presence of the President of the Chamber of Deputies.

In the twenty-first edition of the Report, special attention is given to problems and potentialities emerging from the profound crisis that the country is going through. Besides an economic and social overview of Italy, an analysis is given of the effects that the crisis has had on business and human capital; of economic sectors offering new prospects for success in global competition, but also on citizens’ feeling of  the economic situation, the institutions, the effects of globalization, environmental issues.

The 2013 Report  is accompanied  by a dossier containing a selection of key indicators, statistical appendix in xls, csv, and ods format, graphic displays on the web, live tweeting of the event (# RA2013) and release tweets in the days following the publication of the Report.

It is possible to follow the event stream live on the Chamber of Deputy’s WebTv.

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Event Date: 22 May 2013


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