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Annual Report 2012 - The state of the Nation

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Rome, 22 May 2012
11,00 a.m.
Montecitorio Palace
Sala della Lupa

Exclusive invitation-only event

On 22 May 2012, at 11,00 a.m., in Palazzo Montecitorio, the 20th edition of the Annual Report on the situation of the Nation will be presented in the presence of the President of the Chamber of Deputies and other authorities.

This year’s Report integrates data produced by Istat and by the National Statistical System, thus offering a well-documented picture of transformations affecting Italian economy and society.

Besides the usual analysis of the situation of our country and its prospects, this year’s Report devotes an entire chapter to the evolution of the Italy system from 1992 to 2012; in particular, it analyses the socio-economic developments between two historical moments marked by strong criticalities but also similarities.

Among the most relevant issues, the 2012 Report also focuses on the competitive characteristics of the Italian economic system and on social and territorial inequalities.

To promote the accessibility and usability of contents, the Report presents several innovations in the layout and forms of dissemination.

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Event Date: 22 May 2012