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Turnover in other services

In the third quarter of 2010, compared to the previous quarter, the seasonally adjusted index of turnover has recorded an increase for Air transport (2.9%), Wholesale trade (1.3%) and Water transport (0.3%). A slight decrease has been recorded in turnover of Postal and courier activities (-0.9%), Information and communication (-0.4%) and Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (-0.2%).

Compared to the same quarter of 2009 the turnover index has shown a general increase in almost all sectors: the biggest growth has occurred in Water transport (16.0%), in Wholesale trade (7.0%), Air transport (5,8%) and Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (3,5%). The only decrease has been gistered in Postal and courier activities (-1.4%).

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Period: III quarter 2010

Date of Issue: 20 December 2010



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