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Demographic indicators

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Live births are 556 thousand in 2011, 6 thousand less than in 2010. Deaths are 592 thousand, 4 thousand more than the previous year. Consequently, the natural change is negative for the fifth consecutive year (-36 thousand).

The live birth rate drops from 9.3 per thousand to 9.1 over 2010-2011, while the death rate remains constant to 9.7 per thousand as in 2010.

The total fertility rate (TFR) is estimated to be 1.42. For the third consecutive year, therefore, there are no significant changes in the national fertility level. Mean age at childbearing rises from 31.3 years to 31.4 over 2010-2011.

82% of births occurred from Italian women compared to 18% of births occurred by foreign ones. TFR of foreign women is 2.07 children on average against 1.33 children of Italians.
Life expectancy at birth further increases in 2011. Men reach the level of 79.4 years (+0.3 compared to 2010), that of women 84.5 years (+0.2). The gender difference drops to 5.1 years.

Total net migration (which is the sum of internal migration, migration with abroad and migration for other reasons) totals 261 thousand units more from the beginning of the year, for a total net migration rate of 4.3 per thousand, in decrease compared to 2010, when it was 5.2 per thousand.

Net of migration for internal destinations and for other reasons (-1 per thousand), the net migration with abroad totals 323 thousand new individuals, corresponding to a net migration rate of 5.3 per thousand, as a result of 406 thousand immigrations against 83 thousand emigrations.

The inter-municipal changes of residence amounted to 1 million 350 thousand, marking a slight decrease (-1.5%) compared to 2010. The Southern regions continue to be characterized by a negative internal net migration to the benefit of North-Central regions.

The population growth rate is 3.7 per thousand in 2011, resulting lower than in 2010 when it was 4.7 per thousand In absolute terms the increase of the population totals 224 thousand units more from the beginning of the year.

Foreign resident population accounts for 8% of the total population. Compared to 1 January 2011 there is an increase of 289 thousand units more. The population of Italian citizenship falls below 56 million residents, as a result of a negative change of 65 thousand units.

The mean age of the population has reached 43.7 years. The population broken down by main age-group is as follows: 14% up to 14 years of age, 65.3% from 15 to 64 years, 20.6% from 65 years of age and over.

Italian citizens have a mean age of 44.7 years. Foreign citizens have a mean age of 32.2 years. Among this latter, 4 million 124 thousand were born abroad (6.8% of the total population) while  736 thousand (1.2% of the total population) were born in Italy. 94.3% of foreign people born in Italy has less than 18 years.

Reference period: Year 2011

Date of Issue: 27 January 2012



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