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Crimes reported by the Police Forces to the judicial authority

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Quantification of the crimes reported by the Police Forces to the Judicial Authority is an important tool for measuring criminality. In common perception this term is, actually, the synthesis of a complex concept that is influenced by several factors. In addition to the results of prevention and contrast initiated by the Police Forces, the main factors are the propensity of citizens to report the crimes they are victim of, safety policies, and legislative changes. It is therefore not always easy to distinguish real trends from short-term events.

Criminality levels, which have been rising since 1991, have continued to fluctuate over time still retaining fairly stable levels. In 2010, a total of 2,621,019 crimes (4,333.5 per hundred thousand inhabitants) was recorded, with a very small decrease (-0,3%) respect to the previous year.

The territorial breakdown presented, which includes Italian cities with over 250,000 inhabitants, provides the user with different analyses for different national realities, with the warning that some of the previously mentioned factors, in particular the propensity to denounce, can vary notably in the different geographical contexts.

Persons suspected of crimes are considered too. Data concern alleged offenders in total, and those under 18.

The survey, a short descriptive note of which is attached, indicates the totality of crimes committed by either known or unknown criminals that were reported by the Police Forces to the Judicial Authority. This information derives from private accusations but was also verified independently while fighting crime.

The time series of crime data can be consulted and downloaded from “Territorial Information System on Justice” on Istat website.

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Reference period: Year 2010

Date of Issue: 17 January 2012



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