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Italy’s resident foreign population

Resident foreigners in Italy totalled 4,570,317 as at 01 January 2011, 335,000 more than the previous year (+7.9%). The increase was slightly lower than the one recorded in 2009 (343,000 units).

During 2010 the number of resident foreigners rose primarily as a result of immigration from abroad (425,000 individuals) but also partly as a result of births of foreign children (78,000).

In 2010, around 78,000 foreign babies were born, 13.9% of the total number of those born to residents in Italy. Compared with the previous year, the number was up by a mere 1.3%. The increase in 2009 had been significantly higher (+6.4%).

The percentage of foreign citizens in the total resident population (Italians and foreigners) continues to rise: at 01 January 2011 it was 7.5% (from 7% the previous year).

The distribution of resident foreigners in Italy continues to be uneven. 86.5% of foreigners live in the North and Centre of the Country, with the remaining 13.5% in the South. However, also in 2010 the largest increases were seen in the South (+11.5%) and the Islands (+11.9%).

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Date of Issue: 29 September 2011