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Production in the construction sector

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In November 2020, estimates for construction output rose by 1.7% in the month-on-month series, the increase came after two consecutive falls in September and October.

In the three months to November 2020, the seasonally adjusted index of production in construction dropped by 0.3% when compared with the previous three months.

Year on year, the unadjusted index for construction output grew by 10.9%, while the calendar adjusted index (21 calendar working days versus 20 in November 2019) was up 7.2%.

In the first eleven months of 2020, the unadjusted index for construction output dropped by 8.6%, while the calendar adjusted index decreased by 8.9%.

Reference period: November 2020

Date of Issue: 22 January 2021

Next release: 19 February 2021



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