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Foreign trade and import prices

Istat presents data on Italy’s foreign trade as well as unit value and volume indices (base year 2010=100) referring to October 2017.

  • In October 2017 seasonally-adjusted data, compared to September 2017, increased both for outgoing flows (+0.5%) and for incoming flows (+2.6%). Exports increased for EU countries (+2.8%) and decreased for non EU countries (-2.4%). Imports increased for EU countries (+3.2%) and for non EU countries (+1.7%). Over the last three months, seasonally-adjusted data, in comparison with the previous three months, showed an increase for exports (+2.9%) and for imports (+1.1%).
  • In October 2017, compared with the same month of the previous year, exports and imports increased (+11.3% and +10.4% respectively). Outgoing flows increased by 12.8% for EU countries and by 9.5% for non EU countries. Incoming flows increased by 11.7% for EU area and by 8.4% for non EU area. The trade balance in October
    amounted to +4,953 million Euros (+4,287 million Euros for non EU area and +666 million Euros for EU countries).

Reference period: October 2017

Date of Issue: 18 December 2017

Next release: January 16th 2018



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The documents published before March, 17 2016 are available in the archives of Foreign trade and Industrial import prices