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Tourist flow in Italy

In 2016, nights spent in tourist accommodation establishments were around 403 million (+2.6% compared with the previous year) and arrivals were 117 million (+3.1%).

About 90.3 million of arrivals (+1.4% compared with 2015) and about 267.7 million of nights spent (+1.8%) were recorded in hotels and similar accommodations and the average length of stay was 2.97 nights.

In other collective accommodation establishments arrivals (26,7 million) increased by 9.5%, while the number of nights spent (135.3 million) increased by 4.2%, thus resulting in a reduction of the average length of stay (-0.26 nights).

The number of nights spent by residents was 203,5 million, while those by non residents was 199,4 million (respectively +1.6% and + 3.5% compared with 2015).
In 2016, 40.3% of the total nights spent was concentrated in only 50 Italian municipalities. Roma was the top destination with over 25 million of nights spent (6.3% of the
total amount), followed by Milano (2.7%) and Venezia (2.6%).

In 2016 holidays were estimated at about 86% of trips made by residents in Italy in collective tourist accomodation establishments of the country (+19.6% over 2015). On the other hand business trips, which were 14% of trips, decreased by 4%.

Note: The text has been modified at 3 p.m., 30th October 2017. Where it was written “More than half of trips were booked over the Internet (54.5%), with a higher incidence in case of holiday trips (57.0%)”, in the previous version “57.0%” was incorrectly reported as 78.2%.

Reference period: Year 2016

Date of Issue: 30 October 2017



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