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Information and communication technologies in enterprises

Istat disseminates the main findings of the survey on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in enterprises with at least 10 persons employed working in industry and services. The data refer to the use of ICT in January 2013, while those on electronic commerce, on the use of social media and on-line services offered by the Public Administration are related to previous year.

In 2013 the community survey has included a special section regarding social media. Moreover Italy has included also questions about enterprises using on-line instruments to create a collaborative working environment.

In 2013, 96.8% of enterprises with at least 10 persons employed had an Internet connection (95.7% in 2012) . 94.8% of the enterprises were connected to the Internet via fixed or mobile broadband (93.6% in 2012), approximately 29% of those connected to the Internet claimed to have nominal speeds equal to or greater than 10 Mbit/s.

67.3% of businesses had a website (64.5 % in 2012); 11.7% offered on web site the possibility to make on-line orders or reservations.

24.7% of enterprises used social media (45.2% in the case of enterprises with at least 250 persons employed). 86% of enterprises using social media declared to have a profile on social network, 40% to use content-sharing sites, 24% to use corporate blogs and, finally, % to use wiki for knowledge sharing.

Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 23 October 2014



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