Annual Report 2012 - The state of the Nation
A summary of the 20th edition of the Annual Report 2012 on the state of Italy and some focus on the main topics addressed in each chapter
Reference period: Year 2011
Date of publication: Tuesday, 11 September 2012
Theme: Agriculture and zootechny, Business size and competitiveness, Environment and energy, External trade, Health statistics, Households economic conditions, Industry and construction, Justice and security, Labour, National accounts, Population and households, Prices, Services, Social security and welfare
Document typology: News
Tags: competitiveness, debt, deficit, demographic indicators, deprivation, disabled, education, energy, GDP, health, human capital, ICT, immigrants, imports, income, inequality, inflation, innovation, mobility, poverty, productivity, profits, public finance, satisfaction, services, taxes, transport, unemployed, water
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