SDDSPlus - Economic and financial data for Italy

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The data shown in this page correspond to the data described on the International Monetary
Fund’s Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB). For a fuller explanation of the DSBB
and the statistical standards to which Italy has committed, please click on the DSBB Home Page.
The data are provided by Banca d’Italia,
Istituto Nazionale di Statistica
e Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze,
with the exception of the “Stock market share price index” data category, provided by
Borsa Italiana

Data Category Table SDMX Notes
National accounts (GDP) – At current prices Istat SDMX‑ML
National Accounts (GDP) – Chained volume in monetary terms Istat SDMX‑ML
Sectoral balance sheets Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Production index Istat SDMX‑ML
Employment Istat SDMX‑ML
Unemployment Istat SDMX‑ML
Unemployment rate Istat SDMX‑ML
Contractual wages Istat SDMX‑ML
Consumer prices Istat SDMX‑ML The splicing coefficient from base 2010 to base 2015 of Italian CPI All items index is equal to 1.075. The splicing coefficients table from previous reference bases to base 2015=100, for all Italian CPI ECOICOP indices, can be downloaded here.
Producer prices Istat SDMX‑ML
General government operations  Istat SDMX‑ML
General government operations (financing) Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
General government gross debt Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Central government debt Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Central government operations MEF SDMX‑ML
Depository Corporations Survey Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Central Bank survey Banca d’Italia
Other Financial Corporation Survey Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Financial Soundness Indicators
Regulatory Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assets
Regulatory Tier 1 capital to assets
Nonperforming loans net of provisions to capital
Nonperforming loans to total gross loans
Return on assets
Liquid assets to short-term liabilities

Banca d’Italia

Financial Soundness Indicators
Residential real estate prices
Debt Securities Banca d’Italia SDMX-ML
Interest rates Banca d’Italia
Gov.t securities
BOT auctions
SDMX dissemination is not required for this category
Stock Market: Share Price Index Borsa Italiana – FTSE SDMX dissemination is not required for this category
Balance of payments Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Official reserve assets Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Template on International Reserves and
Foreign Currency Liquidity
Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Merchandise trade Istat SDMX‑ML
International investment position Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
External debt Banca d’Italia SDMX‑ML
Coordinated portfolio investment survey (CPIS) Participant in IMF-CPIS SDMX dissemination is not required for this category
Coordinated direct investment survey (CDIS) Participant in IMF-CDIS SDMX dissemination is not required for this category
Currency composition of official foreign exchange reserves (COFER) Participant in IMF-COFER SDMX dissemination is not required for this category
Exchange rates Banca d’Italia SDMX dissemination is not required for this category
Population Istat SDMX‑ML