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A short guide to use the new web area

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The economic situation is the focus of this section. Recent developments in key economic variables are presented in an integrated manner, with a selection of updated tables and graphs, direct access to statistical data and methodologies, press releases, in-depth thematic pages, new visualization tools and international sources.

The economic trend banner in the home page shows the latest changes in key economic indicators calculated on seasonally adjusted data for all variables, except for producer prices and consumer prices, in which changes are calculated on raw data.

The banner allows to view at a glance all available updates, with different colors representing different trend in indicators: a cell is green if short-term changes are higher than zero, red if lower and white if equal to zero. Changes in prices are represented by shades of grey: a rising inflation rate does not necessarily imply economic growth in Italy.

There are also graphical representations of each indicator since 2008 with latest changes (or indicators), timing of release, link to relevant press releases and to download time series since 2000. The buttons above the first graph allow both to open/close all graphs and to create a pdf file for printing.

The navigation menu includes links to editorial products and economic data:

  1. the first link leads to information on the Monthly report and Economic outlook produced by Istat;
  2. Topic section links to press releases, followed by a direct link to data and indicators for each of the eight topics;
  3. the hierarchical tree structure of the Economic trends database allows to navigate sub-topics and directly reach the tables of interest;
  4. International Monetary Fund’s SDDSPlus page leads to financial and economic data for Italy;
  5. International analysis and forecasts at the bottom of the navigation menu offers a comparison of economic forecasts released by major international organizations and a link to some visualization tools focusing on the economic performance of major countries.

The sidebar on the right, finally, provides access to Istat’s and Eurostat’s latest economic press releases, as well as to Istat’s release calendar.