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Bes report 2017: Equitable and sustainable well-being in Italy BES 2017
Through different graphical features (maps, population pyramid, bar charts), for each indicator it is possible to analyze the territorial, gender and generation differences and verify how these differences have changed over time

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Sixty years of Europe SIXTY YEARS OF EUROPE
60 years after the historical signing of the Treaties of Rome and on the occasion of the Italian and European Statistics Day celebrations, Istat provides an original account of the evolution of Europe

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The process of family secularisation THE PROCESS OF FAMILY SECULARISATION
Changes which have been taking place for decades in the processes of formation and dissolution of marriages mainly resulted in a strong reduction of marriages on the one hand, and an increase in marital instability on the other. Such trends are observed in all areas of the country, although with strong regional differences

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Last edit: 04 May 2018