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Data and indicators

Databases are web interfaces for browsing and downloading of data produced by Istat. The access and downloading of data and information are free.




  • Coeweb: foreign trade statistics
    a wealth of information on trade flows between Italy and the rest of the world, updated on a monthly basis
  • Information system on agriculture e zootechny
    economic performance and farm structure, prices, means of production, crops, livestock and animal products, quality products, farm, hunting and fishing
  • IMF: Economic and financial data for Italy
    official data produced by the Banca d’Italia, the Istituto Nazionale di Statistica and the Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze; they correspond to the criteria described on the International Monetary Fund’s DSBB


  • Disability in figures
    the living conditions and the level of social inclusion of people with disabilities; provides support for planning policies and monitoring the UN Convention


  • 2011 and 2015 Censuses of industry and services
    detailed information on the main features of businesses, non-profit institutions and public institutions
  • 2010 Agricultural Census
    detailed information on the structure of Italian agricultural and livestock holdings
  • 2011 Population Census
    wealth of information, on the demographic and social structure of the population usually resident in Italy and on Italy’s housing stock
  • Linked Open Data | LOD
    standardized and interoperable data in open format based on semantic web technologies and standards; LOD portal can be queried directly from any application


The statistical information systems, mostly thematic, provide a comprehensive and accurate view – with insights, analysis and metadata – of the investigated phenomena.

  • Economic Trends
    recent developments in key economic variables are presented in an integrated manner, with a selection of updated statistical data; offers information on revision policies
  • Demo: Demography in figures
    it provides official data on resident population in the Italian municipalities and information on main demographic phenomena

Last edit: 21 May 2018